Featured on Forbes: An Inside Look At How Passion Affects Business

JF656: How To Pick The BEST Garage Door for Your Home and Investments with guest Tommy Mello
August 23, 2016

“In 2006, when I first opened my two-man garage door business, I never imagined I would have over 80 employees and be expanding all over the United States. Over the last 10 years, people have asked me the No. 1 thing that has made my business so successful. My answer is simple: passion.

Passion keeps me at work late, it wakes me up in the middle of the night, and it propels me to show up at a customer’s house if we did a poor job. There is no greater gift in business. Passion drives your talent to the next level, sells the customer, encourages investors, and motivates employees. When I look back at successful CSRs, field technicians and great dispatchers, one thing comes to mind: they all use passion to overcome their obstacles.

Over 90% of my phone calls all end with the same question: “Are you the owner?” By taking ownership, using a specific tone of voice and expressing my passion, the customer can see that my responses are not typical. It’s this type of passion that has taken my business to the next level. Here’s how you too can cultivate that mentality within your business:

Strive To Win

First, owners must possess the willpower to be the best. I always tell my employees that there are two types of people in the world: those who hate to be last, and those who need to be first. I am a need-to-be-first owner and I bring this to the culture of my business.

We have sales meetings every Thursday morning where the technicians write their name and sales averages on the white board. They write it in red on the left side if it is lower than the minimum goal and black on the right side if it is above the goal. Every week, we give out awards to the sales staff on the right side. People on the left side of the board explain what they will do in the next week to perform better and are given a performance improvement plan. We also purchase every study related to the garage door industry and set our goals at least 30% above the industry’s top performers.

You and you alone have to build your own key performance indicators. I would strongly recommend building them on several factors: how much you help those around you, monetary goals and growth rates of expansion.”

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