Setting Up a Drip Email Campaign

Key Details When Looking At Drip Email Campaigns

Email marketing is definitely one of the best ways to market right now and it would bring about more sales for your business. It is essential that you have the right set of tools if you are intending to start your email and internet marketing promotions.

Wouldn't it be great if you would have an automatic way for pre-warmed and pre-qualified leads to land in your mailbox every day? These leads know who you really are and what you may provide so you won't need to go through the entire pitch.

This kind of automated sales processing is completely attainable with the aid of an appropriately used drip campaign.

What Is A Drip Campaign?

Also referred to as automatic email methods, autoresponders and drip marketing, drip methods, as the metaphor suggest, "drip" bits of content at preset times to a group of connections in an effort to attain a sales objective. They are commonly used for the purpose of generating and nurturing leads, or increasing consumer satisfaction, engagement and retention. These multipurpose marketing devices will work wonders in different situations due to their timely, personalized and automatic nature. Once this is setup, they can help you save a lot of time, resources and effort because they can run on the background and perform their job in delivering results while you focus on other things. Drip promotions can be triggered upon an event. This is an action that the user will do such as signing up on your site or interacting with it. The primary goal of the email drip campaign will depend on the nature of the company and what you would like to accomplish.

Recognize Target Market

It is vital that you'll be able to tell precisely who your target viewers is, what they worry about, and how they could benefit from you. You should learn much more about your audience because every marketing method will require this kind of thing or everything else will probably be for nothing.

It's also wise to know the value that you could provide to your target customers. In marketing, the rule of reciprocity runs in full swing. If you could offer value to your customers, they're going to also give value back to you.

Additionally, identifying your audience will help you decide on what the appropriate triggers are for your drip messaging. Knowing your target market will permit you to select the folks who will obtain the message and it'll offer you a more targeted approach.

Welcoming/Onboarding Drip Techniques

Drip campaigns are extremely well-known during the welcoming/onboarding procedure for users to a certain site or service. Once users sign in the very first time, an automated software could send them an engaging email thanking them for picking you, and offering useful suggestions concerning how to make the most out of your product/service. A flow of preset drip messages can continue educating them on what makes your product/service so great, and even bring other products/services they might enjoy to their attention.

When you get a new newsletter subscriber, send them an email with recommendations for material they might find useful and if someone signed up for your free trial, inform them immediately what value others have gained by sharing related case studies.

You should realize that open rates of welcome autoresponders reach 58.7 percent. Once it's sent quickly after sign up, open rates would go up to 88.3 percent. This provides a fantastic opportunity to build a relationship by sending a relevant message to your user.

You should be creative with your message because there is no one-size-fits-all technique. If you're able to offer them value every step of the way, you may enhance your chances of making more sales.

Preparing For A Drip Campaign

Plan Campaign

If you'd like to plan your campaign, there's something that you should consider. How many emails will go out when the action is triggered, at what interval and in what order? You must know if the message can connect with the trigger action and if it makes sense to the reader. What KPIs you will use to track the success of this campaign?

Track, Assess And Optimize

If an action isn't documented, it would mean that it didn't happen. If something isn't actually measured, it has never enhanced.

This is the main reason why it is necessary that you have a procedure in place to track your KPIs on a on a regular basis after data has come in. analyze the results and judge the campaign depending on its performance and outcomes. Did you achieve the goals that you set? Where did it go wrong?

Keep tracking, analyzing, tweaking and optimizing until you get to drip campaign format that actually works. To get inspired, try to find drip campaign examples that convert. You should test this continuously since this is the sole method to make a marketing strategy that works well.


Drip email campaigns are unquestionably a powerful tool that will boost your marketing and generate sales. It would unquestionably require some effort and work until you perfect it, but all that energy will not be in vain. If you can get it right once, you could continue to get the benefits for the coming years.

In case you have some questions on drip campaigns and if they're actually right for you, we will be very happy to hear from you. To get more info just fill out the contact form.

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